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Apr 29, 2009

Honors student Sarah Ellison was recently awarded the Udall Scholarship, an award that honors students for their commitment to careers in the environment, health care or tribal public policy, leadership potential and academic achievement. Sarah is an Environmental Studies and Political Science Major with Environmental Science and Resource Management Minor. Currently a senior, Sarah was pleased to receive the Udall Scholarship, an award she admires since it is, "...geared toward fostering careers, and rewarding passion, not just achievements" also saying, "I think it's pretty cool that scholarships like this exist." Sarah is an active participant in the field of sustainability and organics, as she has studied and worked on organic farms in Auroville, India, England, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

We are also pleased to congratulate junior Geoffrey Morgan who received Honorable Mention for the UDALL Scholarship, as well as junior Jamie Strobel UW Campus Nominee.

Congratulations, Sarah, Geoff and Jamie!

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