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Departmental Honors Psychology Student Marissa Pighin Tackles ADHD

Feb 16, 2016

Students in the UW Honors Program come from every major department on campus, bringing rich diversity to the interests and backgrounds of our community. Departmental Honors allows students the opportunity to explore their chosen major in greater depth, usually with guidance from a faculty mentor. Departmental Honors requirements vary, but usually constitute an additional 10-15 credits of upper-level coursework, additional research or an extended thesis.

Check out this exerpt from a recent article on Departmental Honors Psychology Student Marissa Pighin's work, published on the UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences website: 

Seated in a chair in front of a computer, the volunteer plays a video game where the goal is to make an image of a hang glider on the computer screen fly as high and for as long as possible, all through the person's brain rhythms. Pighin is working with Steven Pillen, a UW research technologist, to create the video game. "I want it to be fun!" Pighin said of the brain exercises. "This is my heart and soul."