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Hooray for these Huskies!

Mar 3, 2016

The Dominguez Family drove from Yakima to Celebrate Vanessa's achievement.

UW Honors, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity, and the Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) joined forces on February 26th to recognize top-performing freshmen Huskies who demonstrated promise, talent, and great achievement in their first quarter at UW.

During the celebration students, staff, and faculty of the Honors community joined Dean Taylor from Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the wonderful staff and students at the ECC, and friends from across OMAD in congratulating these outstanding students and the friends and family who have helped them achieve academic excellence early in their undergraduate careers.

We invited these talented students to consider applying for second-year admission in the Honors Program, where they will enjoy a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential learning, and reflective synthesis, along with in-depth examinations of major global challenges with others from across campus. 

Honors Student Volunteers ECC Dinner

What kind of college student gives up thier Friday night to volunteer at a celebration dinner?

This kind: Honors Huskies.


More than just a brain!

The Drugge Family demonstrates total intellectual fitness.


The Placer Family

The Placer Family flew in from San Francisco to attend this celebration dinner. No big deal!

We are so delighted to have collaborated on this lovely occasion and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our high-achieving Huskies!