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Party with Portfolios in late May/early June!

May 16, 2016

Colin and Alex invited thier folks to last quarter's Portfolio Celebrations and everybody was happy!

students and families 496 

Mary Gates Hall 211  - breakout room/presenter details below 
Weds May 25 and June 1, 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Thurs May 26 and June 2, 3:30-5:00 p.m. 


"The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection." 

                                               - Thomas Paine

Beginning in their first quarter, UW Interdisciplinary and College Honors candidates reflect on the undergraduate research, social life, experiential learning, and coursework that will have the greatest impact on their choices, moving forward. These online portfolios encourage students to reflect on experiences and questions that are essential for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

All are invited into the secret lives of Honors students as they present these reflections during a series of four special events at the end of spring quarter. 

Look below to see when your friends/mentees/students are presenting and RSVP HERE so we'll have enough refreshments for all guests.


Wednesday, May 25, 1:30-3:00 Thursday, May 26, 3:30-5:00
MGH 211 Main
  • Ashley Bobman, Public Health
  • Jaclyn Adams, Biochemistry
  • Mitchell Krawczyk, Neurobiology
  • Taylor Deardorff, Biochemistry
  • Lindsey Trimmer, Political Science; Comparative History of Ideas
MGH 211 B
  • Sundeep Rai, Biochemistry
  • Stella Jones, Geography
  • Megan Beatty, Business Administration – Finance; Information Systems
  • Andrew Coatsworth, Business Administration - Finance
  • Hannah Barker, Public Health
MGH 206
  • Koji Pingry, Geography; Comparative History of Ideas
  • Veronica Santana-Ufret, Microbiology
  • Walter Ceder, Informatics
  • Tara Ghassemikia, Business Administration – Finance; Entrepreneurship
  • Danielle Jung, Public Health
MGH 211 E
  • Joanna Liao, Biochemistry
  • Autumn Grassel, Informatics
  • Hannah Keyes, Community, Environment and Planning
  • Kovas Palunas, Chemical Engineering: Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering
  • Allison Rollins, Biochemistry
MGH 211 Main
  • Erika Doane, International Studies
  • Chris Fong, Business Administration: Accounting; Finance; History
  • Taylor Boyd, Neurobiology
  • Kenta Sueyoshi, Chemistry
  • Annika van Gilder, Anthropology: Medical Anthropology & Global Health
MGH 211 B
  • Nanda-Devi Johnson, Economics; International Studies
  • May Lim, Psychology; Political Science
  • Teresa Makar, Economics; Political Science (Political Economy)
  • Mustufa Jafry, Biochemistry; English
  • Naomi Nkinsi, Biology (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental); Public Health
MGH 206
  • Nathan Maris, Biochemistry
  • Pearl Terry, Anthropology: Medical Anthropology & Global Health
  • Hannah Frisch, Political Science; History
  • Jessica Sheasley, Psychology
  • Mykelle Morrison, Psychology
MGH 211 E
  • Jonathan Bannick, Business Administration: Accounting; Finance
  • Supriya Dublish, Biology (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental)
  • Nicole Einbinder, International Studies; Communications (Journalism)
  • James Pabiniak, Psychology
  • Kaitlyn Tom, Biology
Wednesday, June 1, 1:30-3:00 Thursday, June 2, 3:30-5:00
MGH 211 Main
  • Julia Carlstad, Chemistry (ACS Certified)
  • Emina Dacic, Law, Societies, and Justice
  • Jane Wong, Biology
  • Leigh Friedman, Public Health; Comparative History of Ideas
  • Jared Moore, Computer Science
MGH 211 B
  • Liana Shibuya, Accounting; Business Administration (Inform Systems)
  • Karl Vyhmeister, Physics: Comprehensive; Astronomy
  • Kadin Brooks, Bioengineering; Biochemistry
  • Andrew Croneberger, Biology (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental)
  • Alexandra Drury, Neurobiology
MGH 206
  • Bran Hagger, Computer Science
  • Shannon Ren, Computer Science
  • Taj Taher, English
  • Adinah Wyle, Biology; Psychology
  • Dylan Swiggett, Computer Science
MGH 211 E
  • Darren Pouv, Biochemistry; Neurobiology
  • Claire Chisholm, Environmental Health; Microbiology
  • Sarah Dietderich, Germanics; Public Health; Pre-Nursing
  • Melissa Gile, Chemical Engineering
  • Marina Banjanin, Biochemistry
MGH 211 Main
  • Nicole Young, Economics
  • Zachary Wurz, Business Administration: Finance
  • Charlton Callender, Microbiology; Applied & Computational Mathematics
  • Michael Haeger, Near East Studies: Language and Culture; Computer Science
  • Fabiola Arroyo, Business Administration
  • Annie Yi, Biology (Physiology)
MGH 211B
  • Jennifer Kang, Informatics; Computer Engineering
  • Sierra Barajas, Materials Science and Engineering
  • James Kelley, Psychology
  • Minjung Kim, Bioengineering
  • Steven Vilwock, Computer Science
  • Rosalie Bigongiari, Mathematics
MGH 206
  • Kyle Kilmer, Biology
  • Claire Ledgerwood, Communication
  • Kennidy Takehara, Biology
  • Edwina Choung, Biology
  • Caroline Harrison, Law, Societies, and Justice; Political Science
  • Rachel DeCordoba, Environmental Science & Terrestrial Resource Management
MGH 211E
  • Manvir Kaur, Biology
  • Alisa Jion Kim, English (Creative Writing); Biochemistry
  • Naomi Musgrave, Computer Science
  • Riley Wilk, Computer Engineering
  • Kira Neuman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Leslie Hirata, Biology (Ecology, Evolution & Conservation)