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Seattle Times Features UW Student Adventure

Aug 1, 2016

great story published in the Seattle Times, takes readers on a joint Environmental Studies & Honors Field Studies course (HON 220 B / ENVIR 495 C) taught by Tim Billo. Honors students Madison Smith, Abby VonHagel, Minji Danielle Jung, and Hailee Herbst are quoted in the article and readers can peruse the course blog for greater immersion and student reflections.

We asked Professor Billo what his takeaways were from the experience: "I think it's hard to imagine a more interdisciplinary course with respect to the topics we cover—essentially assessing ourselves as a culture and civilization against the backdrop of human-constructed ideas of 'wilderness' and 'preservation'. Although we are embedded in nature and natural landscapes for the entire course, the course is as much or more about human history, culture, perception, and behavior. One of the wonderful things about working with students from a variety of majors, is that our discussions are so rich and multi-faceted. Students from the Interdisciplinary Honors Program are particularly well-prepared and passionate about embracing topics from a variety of perspectives, and wrestling with ideas in deep and meaningful ways. I love that we had students from English, Public Health, Philosophy, Environmental Science, Pre-Med, and Pre-Genetics, in addition to Environmental Studies (which in and of itself is an interdisciplinary major). The diversity and depth of ideas that students brought to the conversation in this interation of the course was unparalled, and was one of the most rewarding aspects for me of teaching it."

Come along on this beautiful trek through the backcountry of Olympic National Park, and explore why wilderness is such an important educational and inspirational element of who we are.