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Honors Excellence in Teaching Award Goes to Jon Herron, Biology

May 9, 2017

After reviewing many wonderful nominations, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2017 Honors Excellence in Teaching Award goes to Biology's Jon Herron!

When asked about his experience teaching for Honors, this is just one of the many stories, Dr. Herron shares: 

"After listening to Honors students discuss genetic drift in my class several years ago, I designed a virtual laboratory exercise on the topic that is now published by SimBio software. Last year Rebecca Price (UW Bothell) and colleagues published a pre-test/post-test study showing that students who use the virtual lab show considerably higher learning gains than students who get traditional instruction. I consider this one of my biggest professional successes, and I owe it to those Honors students in DNA & Evolution."

Herron is a Senior Lecturer in the Biology Department, writer, and educational software designer. He earned his PhD from the University of Washington. His textbook, Evolutionary Analysis, is now in its 5th edition. He collaborates with SimBio Software on their EvoBeaker suite of virtual laboratory exercises and has served on the faculty at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada.

Herron has been teaching for the Honors Program—and learning from his students—since 1996. His courses, which cover evolution, genetics, and human behavior, help students learn to think like scientists.