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Congratulations to Bryan Dosono, Gilman Scholarship Recipient

Jul 9, 2010

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad to students who are receiving Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university. We are proud to announce that Honors student Bryan Dosono is a Summer 2010 recipient of this scholarship, one of only two Washington State residents and the only one at the UW.

Honors student Bryan Dosono might surprise you. At first meeting, you might be thrown off by his seemingly quiet disposition, but behind that exterior, he is a UW dynamo of student activism, leadership and scholarly achievement. Bryan is this year’s Gilman Scholarship recipient, a national scholarship that funds student travel and study abroad. Bryan will travel to Amsterdam this summer as part of the UW Information School Program “Dutch Designs: Research and Info System Development." The Gilman award will fund his studies in Amsterdam where Bryan hopes to learn more about Dutch designs and data base management and to conduct a comparative study of the U.S. and the Netherlands Design and Technology trends. Of the Gilman he says, "I was really surprised to receive it. I knew there were a record number of applicants."

Bryan possesses a unique combination of humility and ambition. In the future, Bryan aspires to be Chief Information Officer of Washington and, ultimately, Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Currently, Bryan is a sophomore in the Honors Program and serves as the ASUW Senate Chair. In this position he is in charge of moderating and facilitating meetings and works actively to reaffirm student voice on campus. Bryan has a passion for serving students and is committed to combining this with his other passion, technology. As he states, “Government and technology go hand in hand because both fields can become positive agents of change in society,” and Bryan is excited to combine the two in his leadership positions. He also serves as the Philanthropy Chair of his fraternity, Lambda Phi Epsilon, and is a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

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