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Scribendi Now Accepting Submissions for 2011

Sep 14, 2010

Scribendi is a non-profit annual print publication of art and literature by undergraduate honors students. It is produced at the University of New Mexico (UNM) and published by UNM’s University Honors Program. The staff is composed of undergraduate students supervised by a faculty advisor. Scribendi solicits work from undergraduate honors students in more than 220 Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC) schools.

This year, the submission categories are:

  • Visual Art
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Digital Art
  • Foreign Language
  • Essay
  • Film (new!)
  • Music (new!)

Submissions for the original categories are due by October 11th, while the new categories (Film and Music) are due by November 8th. In honor of their 25th anniversary, all submissions for cover designs must be in silver and are due by November 8th.

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