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Gulf oil spill offers central discussion point for Honors 100 class

Dec 3, 2010

From the UW Today:

What does a philosopher, or a creative writer, have to say about an oil spill? That's what a group of honors students have been finding out this quarter as they take Honors 100, the required first course in the new honors curriculum.

"We've offered the course for several years," said Julie Villegas, associate director of the Honors Program, "but this year we’re approaching it differently."

This is the first year the class has been required, for starters, so there are two sections of 130 students each — the entire freshman class in the Honors Program. And though there have always been speakers, this year their subject matter has been consolidated.

Honors 100's title is Honors at the UW: Knowledge across the Disciplines. Therefore, the program has traditionally invited faculty members from a variety of fields...

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