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Honors Experiential Spring Break 2011: Local Food Sustainability

Jan 20, 2011

Honors is happy to announce our 2011 Experiential Spring Break! In the context of growing food movements around the world we will examine a few of the many complex issues surrounding the local and urban food movements in the Seattle area.  We will engage with these issues by talking with local experts and via hands-on gardening service projects. Visiting different food-focused organizations, including the UW Farm, Tilth, Oxbow Farm, and the P-Patch Trust, we will examine some of the academic, social, and cultural forces driving changing perception of food production and consumption. Over the course of this week we ask you to grapple with why food issues are gaining such popularity at this particular time, what the environmental and social implications of food production are, and what role an urban individual can play in such a context.

If you have questions about this program, please contact an Honors adviser.

Interested students should submit the online application by February 1.