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Leadership Opportunity: Be an Honors 100 TA!

Jan 28, 2011

We're excited to share a new leadership opportunity through Honors -- being a Teaching Assistant for Honors 100, our comprehensive introductory course for incoming Honors freshmen. Beginning in Autumn 2011, Honors 100 will include not only a larger class, but also small discussion sections which will be facilitated by upperclassmen in Honors. These sections will provide new students with an increased opportunity for smaller group meetings, help them feel connected to their peer community in Honors, and gain valuable insight from a peer perspective. The large classes will be held on even weeks and the small sections on odd weeks of the quarter.

The TAs of these sections will be current Honors students interested in taking a leadership role in the Honors community and contributing to the formation of this course. They will be responsible for facilitating a small group section that will likely meet every other week throughout Autumn Quarter and that will correspond with material presented in Honors 100. TAs will work closely with one another and with Honors staff via a one-credit preparation seminar in Spring Quarter, during which they will design their section syllabi and prepare for Autumn Quarter.

Additionally, becoming a TA for Honors 100 will satisfy the Leadership area of your Honors Experiential Learning Requirement if you are completing the new Honors curriculum; it will satisfy your Honors Seminar requirement if you are completing the old Honors curriculum.

If you are interested in applying to be a TA for Honors 100 in Autumn Quarter, 2011 please attend an information session on Thursday, February 3 at 3pm in MGH 211E (the Honors Library) with your Honors advisers. We will discuss the position and answer questions.

Applications are available online, and are due Friday, February 11 at 5pm.

We hope you will consider this exciting opportunity to be an active leader in the Honors community and help shape the Honors experience for new students to come!