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Course offered Spring 2011

Honors 397 B: Prep Seminar for Honors Summer in Sierra Leone (SSc)

Honors 397 B: Prep Seminar for Honors Summer in Sierra Leone (SSc)

SLN 14181 (View UW registration info »)

Brook Kelly (Honors Program; Advisor)
Office: MGH 211, Box 352800
Phone: 206.221.6131
Clarke Speed (Anthropology)

Credits: 2
Limit: 15 students

Credit Type

Students must be participating in the Honors study abroad to Sierra Leone.


This two credit course prepares students for the 2011 Honors/African Studies program to Sierra Leone. In the context of alterity (radical difference) we aim to prepare students for best-cultural practices that maximize their time, value, and experience. The course includes work in the lingua franca – Krio – basic words and phrases in Landogo, and a primer on daily life, rules, etiquette, and protocol. In this context we will also discuss how ethnography actually works, issues of health, and guidelines for food and water safety. We establish absolute responsibility, liability, and consequences for individuals, the UW group, and its relations with the Kagbere community. Texts include: Emerson, Fretz, and Shaw’s Writing Ethnographic Field Notes (1995), a Krio and Landogo language primer by Kelly and Speed (2007), and more. Evaluation is via participation, concept notebooks, library research, and a five-page research proposal with word work.