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Course offered Spring 2014

Honors 232 C: Geographies and Politics of Poverty and Privilege

Honors 232 C: Geographies and Politics of Poverty and Privilege (SSc)

SLN 14702 (View UW registration info »)

Victoria Lawson (Geography; Honors Program)
Phone: 206-543-5196

Credits: 5
Limit: 20 students

Honors Credit Type

Offered jointly with GEOG 495 B.

Students must also register for HONORS 232 CA or CB.

This course introduces students to a range of spatial, material and discursive processes producing poverty and inequality. The course draws on the Relational Poverty Network project led by Vicky Lawson and Sarah Elwood. We will investigate the spaces and practices through which people come to understand class position and through which poverty/inequality become politicized. The course draws on feminist care ethics and postcolonial theory and topics include: relational poverty knowledge; grounded neoliberalisms across the Americas; spatially varied forms of poverty governance; theories of encounter and radical contact; and forms of poverty politics. Students will be involved in grounded engagements with poverty and inequality both through service-learning and other local activities. Students will also learn about inclusive models of learning such as transformative pedagogy and South-North learning. A goal of this class is to move beyond critique towards ethically engaged action.

Student learning goals include:
– Understanding the causes, theoretical argument and implications of geographies and politics of poverty and inequality
– Building comparative analyses across the Americas
– Identifying forms of poverty politics and the kinds of engagements they entail/produce
– Understanding the potentials and pitfalls of care ethical responses to poverty and inequality
– Enacting ethical change around poverty and inequality