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Course offered Winter 2015

Honors 231 B: Global Poverty & Care

Honors 231 B: Global Poverty & Care (SSc, DIV)

SLN 15069 (View UW registration info »)

Victoria Lawson (Geography; Honors Program)
Phone: 206-543-5196

Credits: 5
Limit: 40 students

Honors Credit Type

Offered jointly with GEOG 331A.

Students must also register for HONORS 231 BA or BB. See Time Schedule for details.

Explores the causes and patterns of global poverty and links this with the urgent need for care and care ethics in our lives and in society broadly. The course connects academic inquiry on the interconnections between global poverty with the theory and practice of care ethics and caring practices through a research project or through service-learning in the community. We will examine how care work is being intensified and simultaneously devalued, we will explore the ways in which care is a public rather than a private matter and we will think about our responsibilities to care in collaboration with for those who are near and those who are across the globe. Students will learn about the possibilities and challenges of caring across distance (geographical and social) and about how to respectfully engage with people in different places. Finally, we will explore current efforts to construct alternative ways of caring for our society and our world. Learning Goals: i) understand geographical patterns and causes of global poverty; ii) learn about geographies of care in a global context; iii) conduct either a research project or service-learning/action research to think through concepts of collective responsibility to society.