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Course offered Autumn 2015

Honors 210 B: Japanese-Language Literature in the Americas

Honors 210 B: Japanese-Language Literature in the Americas (A&H, DIV)

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Edward (Ted) Mack (Asian Languages and Literature)
Phone: 206-543-4356

Credits: 5
Limit: 30 students

Honors Credit Type

This class will focus on Japanese-language literature of North and South America. The texts we will read were written from the first decade of the twentieth century through the first decade of this century, by everyone from travelers who did not intend to stay abroad indefinitely to immigrants who hoped to make a new home outside of Japan. With works by both men and women, the class will examine the varieties of experiences had by individuals spanning from positions of relatively economic, social, and educational privilege to positions of significant deprivation and struggle. Students should be prepared for the texts to contain many distressing elements, from racial discrimination to exploitation based on gender and economics. At the same time, the texts reveal the various forms of joy, camaraderie, and hope that kept many alive under oft-trying circumstances. Students will not only be exposed to the history of Japanese abroad, but to the histories of North and South America from a perspective they might not yet know.

All readings are in English translation. No Japanese language ability is required or expected.