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Course offered Spring 2022

HONORS 212 A: Modern Japan Through Cinema

HONORS 212 A: Modern Japan Through Cinema (A&H, DIV, W)

SLN 15310 (View UW registration info »)

Edward (Ted) Mack (Asian Languages and Literature)
Phone: 206-543-4356

Credits: 5
Limit: 25 students

Honors Credit Type

This course will be an introduction to modern Japan through films, in which we will use a wide variety of twentieth-century works to discuss an array of topics. Not only will we be viewing films in a variety of genres — documentary, drama, comedy, historical pieces, the avant-garde, gangster films, and animation — we will also be discussing topics ranging from the nature of art to the moral questions of nuclear modernity. Although our discussions will be sensitive to the specific nature of film as an expressive medium, we will consider the topics of art, history, society, war, propaganda, tradition, and morality.