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Course offered Winter 2021

HONORS 231 C: Abolishing Poverty: shelter, mutual aid and care

HONORS 231 C: Abolishing Poverty: shelter, mutual aid and care (SSc, DIV, W)

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Victoria Lawson (Geography; Honors Program)
Phone: 206-543-5196

Credits: 5
Limit: 18 students

Honors Credit Type

This course is offered synchronously via remote learning.

We will unlearn poverty and homelessness as framed in popular discourse and public policy. We will learn the recent history of homelessness in Seattle and explore root causes of impoverishment — both socio-economic processes and representations that frame people and places as ‘poor’. We will explore the role of the non-poor and structural causes in the production of poverty/inequality. In our course we will ethically engage with unhoused people and homelessness activists that are addressing the immediate and root causes of homelessness. We will engage with Tent City 3 which will be on campus during winter quarter. We will work on understanding root causes of homelessness in Seattle, considering the role of intersecting forms of oppression and discrimination (race, gender, class, sexuality, citizenship and more), criminalization and state-sponsored violence. Throughout our class, we will consider mutual aid forms of shelter, such as Tent City 3 and the tiny homes movement to think through forms engagement, research and action that collectively address impoverishment.