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Course offered Spring 2021

HONORS 232 B: The Ecology of Urban Seattle (SSc, DIV, W)

HONORS 232 B: The Ecology of Urban Seattle (SSc, DIV, W)

SLN 15114 (View UW registration info »)

Richard Conlin (Urban Design and Planning)

Credits: 5
Limit: 35 students

Honors Credit Type

The Ecology of Urban Seattle examines social, design, political, and environmental factors that promote healthy urban neighborhoods and the integration of urban communities and ecological realities. We will use these interactions to gain a deeper awareness of how these systems function in relationship to each other, to social and economic diversity, and to growth management and climate change. We will use a Race and Social Justice (RSJ) screen as a key element in evaluating how communities are shaped.

Cities function as a place where human communities come together to work, live, and interact. They also exist in a specific social, political, and ecological context, including the relationship between development and the environment, the interaction of human habitation and natural systems, and the relationship of human activities to the health of diverse cultures and the long-term viability of the local and global climate.

This class tells the story of the emerging urban paradigm built around resilience and sustainability, along with the social context through which that has evolved and can evolve in the future. Participants will study four communities, reviewing their history and ecological context, and examining the evolution of neighborhood development. The instructor will lead the class through an RSJ review of each community, beginning with an introduction to the technique and presentation on the initial neighborhood, and leading to a student paper on the fourth neighborhood in which each student will apply the RSJ screen.