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Course offered Winter 2023

HONORS 345 A: How to Read E-Literature (C)

HONORS 345 A: How to Read E-Literature (C)

SLN 15671 (View UW registration info »)

Ileana Marin (Comparative History of Ideas; Comparative Literature)
Phone: 206 604-1831

Credits: 5
Limit: 23 students

Honors Credit Type

“How read electronic literature” is a hands-on experiential, interdisciplinary course that guides students to profit from their exploration of digital media. We will acquaint ourselves with a selection of the most creative electronic works of the twenty-first century as we cross disciplinary boundaries, engaging recent literary history, technology, aesthetics, visual arts, sound design, and multimedia. With the rapid development of electronic and digital tools, e-literature competes with digital games for players’ interest. Engaging with the multimedia jargon of digital literature (remediation, digital poetics, cyberspace textuality, active creation of belief, and medial ideology) we will go through the non-trivial process of reading famous digital works by Deena Larsen, Andrew Campana, Alan Sondheim, John Zuern, Zuzana Husarova, Shelley Jackson, and Mark Bernstein. Our journey through digital works will open the path to self-discovery as we will immerse ourselves into various forms of “reading”.