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John Vallier (Ethnomusicology; Libraries)

Vallier, John (Ethnomusicology; Libraries)

John Vallier (Ethnomusicology; Libraries)
Office: Suzzallo Library 370A, Box 352900
Phone: 206 616-1210
Email: vallier@uw.edu
Website: https://guides.lib.uw.edu/research/vallier

John Vallier is archivist at the UW Ethnomusicology Archives, as well as faculty in UW's Ethnomusicology and Honors programs. John teaches on a range of topics: from remix studies and ethnomusicology archives, to music of Seattle and sound of cinema. Before coming to UW, John was archivist at the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive, a composer for Activision, and a drummer for various bands. More information available here

Instructor's Honors Course History

Course Title
HONORS 242 B Seattle Sounds 2023 2 15320 View »
HONORS 210 C Library Mashup: Reframing and Remixing Archives 2023 4 16347 View »
HONORS 241 B Looted? Ethnomusicology, Archives, and Colonial Legacies 2022 1 15488 View »
HONORS 211 A The Remix as Discourse and Resistance 2018 1 15425 View »
HONORS 345 A Writing About Music 2018 4 23612 View »
HONORS 394 A Hip Hop Archiving in the Pacific NW 2016 2 14944 View »
Honors 394 B Puget Sounds: Music History, Criticism, and Archiving in the Pacific NW 2014 4 15591 View »
Honors 394 B Puget Sounds - Ethnomusicology Archiving Close to Home 2012 2 14439 View »



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