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Catherine Connors (Classics)

Connors, Catherine (Classics)

Catherine Connors (Classics)
Office: Condon 306, Box 353110
Phone: 543-2266
Email: cconnors@uw.edu

Catherine Connors has special interest in the representation of nature and geography in Greek and Roman literature, the study of women in Greek and Roman antiquity, and the adaptation and transformation of classical texts. In addition, she has worked closely with many students who have gone on to pursue careers in K-12 teaching, and she maintains an active interest in outreach projects that promote the teaching of Classical subjects in K-12 settings. 

Instructor's Honors Course History

Course Title
HONORS 394 A Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity 2019 1 15357 View »
HONORS 345 B Modern Ways to write about the ancient World 2017 2 21657 View »
GREEK 103 B Beyond Introductory Greek 2017 2 21725 View »
LATIN 103 Beyond Introductory Latin 2017 2 View »
HONORS 211 D Beyond Elementary Latin 2016 1 View »
HONORS 212 E Beyond Elementary Latin 2016 2 View »
HONORS 345 B Modern Ways to Write about the Ancient World 2016 2 21541 View »
LATIN 101 Beyond Elementary Latin 2016 4 View »



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