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Annegret Oehme (Department of Germanics)

Oehme, Annegret (Department of Germanics)

Annegret Oehme (Department of Germanics)
Email: oehme@uw.edu
Website: https://germanics.washington.edu/people/annegret-oehme

Originally from Zwickau, Germany, I came to the United States to obtain a Ph.D. degree. My research interests include medieval and early modern German and Yiddish literature and cultural transfers within a German-Jewish context. I am currently working on a book project concerning the adaptations and transformations of Wigalois, a text describing the adventures of an Arthurian knight, across different languages (Yiddish and German) as well as across different media (manuscripts, prints, wall paintings, comics) from the 13th to the 21st centuries.

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Course Title
HONORS 211 B Diversity in the Middle Ages 2024 1 View »
HONORS 210 B Diversity in the Middle Ages 2021 4 16392 View »



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