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Stephanie Smallwood (History; Comparative History of Ideas)

Smallwood, Stephanie (History; Comparative History of Ideas)

Stephanie Smallwood (History; Comparative History of Ideas)
Email: ses9@uw.edu
Website: https://honors.uw.edu/about/staff/stephanie-smallwood/

Stephanie Smallwood is an associate professor in the Department of History, where she holds the Dio Richardson Endowed professorship, and she has a joint appointment in the Department of Comparative History of Ideas. She has devoted the past 15 years at the University of Washington to undergraduate teaching and mentorship on the histories of slavery, race and colonialism in the early modern Atlantic world. Guiding students in their exploration of the challenging problems that have profoundly shaped our world remains as fresh and rewarding for her today as when she began her career as a teacher-scholar nearly 25 years ago.



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