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Honors Students Cross International Demographic and Thematic Borders

Jun 10, 2013
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"Honors instilled in me the value of taking classes that stretch me intellectually and encourage creativity," says Helen Aprikyan, '12. "It was also because of Honors that I got the chance to study abroad on the French Riviera, an experience that has changed me forever."

In the Honors Program, studying abroad is more than just visiting another country. It means actively engaging in global citizenship. To connect students to the transformative, possibilities of foreign study, Honors offers students a unique range of international programs that pilot new types of collaborations spanning demographic and thematic borders.

This year's international locations and class highlights include:

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In the last several years, Honors students—through Honors classes or direct exchanges—also traveled to the Netherlands, Ecuador, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, Japan, Argentina, England, and Rome. The Honors Rome Program, established in 2002 and based at the UW’s Rome Center, continues as one of Honors most popular program destinations. Honors Program partnerships with local universities, community centers, and arts organizations bring students’ international experiences to life in new, unexpected ways. Additionally, research, service, and leadership are integral to all of the international programs in Honors.

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The interdisciplinary foundations of our international programs represent the diversity of our Honors community. Students and faculty from departments across campus and, more often, from multiple departments cross disciplines and engage in the challenges of education from multiple interpretations.

Students who have traveled with us reflect on their experiences through writing practice and technologies such as blogging, wikis, and the Honors portfolio. However, the foundational touchstone always comes back to one-on-one discussion and dialogue with peers and new friends in-country.

Julie Villegas
Julie Villegas, associate director of the Honors Program and affiliate assistant professor of English