2004 Honors and Awards

Rhodes Scholarship

Provides full support for up to three years of study at Oxford University, England, to 32 American students with proven intellectual and academic achievement.

Alyssa Lamb, Classics & Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Marshall Scholarship

Provides full support for up to three years of study in any discipline at any university in the United Kingdom to approximately 40 American students.

Jennifer Devine, Geography & International Studies

Beinecke Scholarship

Provides $32,000 to 18 students of exceptional ability and achievement planning to pursue graduate study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Kristi Govella, Political Science & Japanese

Goldwater Scholarship

Awards up to $15,000 to approximately 300 sophomores and juniors preparing for careers in engineering, math, and the natural sciences.

Eliana Hechter, Computer Science
Jonathan Su, Computer Science

Udall Scholarship

Awards $5,000 to sophomores and juniors pursuing careers in environmental public policy or health care and tribal public policy.

Kayanna Warren, Biology & International Studies

Merage American Dream Fellowship

Awarded to promising immigrant students to achieve their American dream.

Hoang Nhan, English & Neurobiology

Consortium for Math and its Applications Contest Winners

Recognizes students with exceptional abilities in mathematical modeling.

Tracy Lovejoy, Physics & Mathematics
Sasha Aravkin, Computer Science & Mathematics
Casey Schneider-Mizell, Physics & Mathematics

Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Provides $10,000 grants to exceptional students with inspiring plans for foreign travel.

Kathleen Belew, Comparative History of Ideas
Vincent Gonzales, International Studies & Comparative History of Ideas
Grant Mandarino, Art History
Annette McCabe, Neurobiology
Amy Piedalue, International Studies & Women Studies

William Gerberding Scholarship

Awarded to students judged to have rendered exemplary service or brought special distinction to the Honors community.

Raz Barnea, Comparative History of Ideas
Jennifer Griffiths, Biology & Dance

Henley Scholarship

Awarded to Honors students for the purpose of studying abroad.

John Faith, Anthropology
Angela Kim, Comparative History of Ideas

Honors Program Scholarship

Awarded to juniors and seniors on the basis of outstanding performance in the natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences.

Angela Kim, Comparative History of Ideas
Claire Suni, Law, Societies, and Justice
Alexis Wheeler, Political Science & History

Dillman Scholarship

Awarded to rising and current seniors on the basis of academic merit.

Kenneth Liu, Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences

Bordeaux Scholarship

Awarded to rising juniors on the basis of academic merit.

Lesley Everett, Biochemistry
Angela Hiatt, Biochemistry

Mary Gates Achievement Scholarship

Awarded to rising sophomores on the basis of academic merit.

Alyson Dimmitt, Pre Major

Mary Gates Endowment Scholarship

Awarded to entering freshmen on the basis of academic merit.

Emily Angell, Pre Major
Darya Borisenko, Pre Major
Christina Chan, Pre Major
Nicole Draney, Business Administration
Sarah Goldenkranz, Pre Sciences
Graham Griffiths, Pre Major
Suzanne Hayward, Physics
Ryan Kosai, Pre Engineering
JoAnn Lin, Pre Major
Alexander Mendez, Physics & Pre Engineering
Sarah Muska, Pre Major
Anthony Poon, Pre Major
Charles Robbins, Pre Major
Shannon Schmoll, Physics & Astronomy
Jason Thorsness, Computer Engineering
Dana Wen, Computer Science

Campbell Scholarship

Awarded to an incoming freshman based on academic merit.

Jacob Sweeney-Samuelson, Pre Major

Frantz Scholarship

Awarded to a promising student entering the UW Academy for Young Scholars.

Kalila Jackson-Spieker, Pre Major

Honors Excellence in Teaching Award

Presented to the most outstanding Honors instructor of the 2003-2004 academic year, on the basis of student nominations and selection by the Honors Student Advisory Panel.

Professor Steven Herbert, Geography & Law, Societies, and Justice