2006 Honors Award Recipients

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Provides support for graduate study at the University of Cambridge.

Lesley Everett, Biochemistry

Rhodes Scholarship

Provides full support for up to three years of study at Oxford University, England, to 32 American students with proven intellectual and academic achievement.

Eliana Hechter, Mathematics

Marshall Scholarship

Provides full support for up to three years of study in any discipline at any university in the United Kingdom to approximately 40 American students.

Sariah Khormaee, Neurobiology and Biochemistry

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Provides funding for tuition, room and board, books, and other required fees for the length of the graduate degree program, up to six years.

Natacha Chough, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Goldwater Scholarship

Awards up to $15,000 to approximately 300 sophomores and juniors preparing for careers in engineering, math, and the natural sciences.

Owen D. Biesel, Mathematics
Jeffrey W Eaton, Mathematics, Sociology
Sean M Hughes, Biochemistry, Neurobiology, Danish

The Institue for International Public Policy (IIPP) Fellowship

Awards $30,000 for graduate school and funding for finishing an undergraduate degree to underrepresented minority sophomores preparing for leadership roles in international affairs.

Vi Nhan, International Affairs

Scholarship Medals

Awarded to students with the highest scholastic standing in their class.

Nate Bottman, Pre Major (Freshman Medal)
Jeremy Yangshi Chan, Neurobiology (Sophomore Medal)
Minh-An Nguyen, Biochemistry and Chemistry (Junior Medal)
Sariah Khormaee, Neurobiology and Biochemistry (President's Medal)

College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Medals

Awarded each year to one student in each of the four divisions of the College.

Eliana Hechter, Mathematics (Natural Sciences Medal)
Erin Corrales-Diaz, Art History (Arts Medal)
Jacob Brown, International Studies (Social Sciences Medal)

Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Provides $20,000 grants to exceptional students with inspiring plans for foreign travel.

Spencer James, Biochemistry
Rula Green Gladden, Biochemistry
Brita Fisher, Comparative History of Ideas
Peter Berberian, Neurobiology
Erin Savage, Biology

William Gerberding Scholarship

Awarded to students judged to have rendered exemplary service or brought special distinction to the Honors community.

Steven Margitan, Economics and International Studies Jeff Eaton, Math, Sociology, and Statistics

Honors Program Scholarship

Awarded to juniors and seniors on the basis of outstanding performance in the natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences.

Graham Griffiths, Philosophy and Economics
Ting-You Wang, Computer Engineering and Math

Dillman Scholarship

Awarded to rising and current seniors on the basis of academic merit.

Leanne Do, Political Science and Communication

Bordeaux Scholarship

Awarded to rising juniors on the basis of academic merit.

Teresa Lee, Philosophy and Biology
Peng Shujun, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mary Gates Achievement Scholarship

Awarded to rising sophomores on the basis of academic merit.

Ashley Hirst, Biology

Mary Gates Endowment Scholarship

Awarded to entering freshmen on the basis of academic merit.

Diana Aitova
Michael Allain
Alison Bilow
Diana Brosten
Kate Buckley
Jessica Dill
Kevin Do
Victoria Gantman
Matthew Junge
Miranda Maurmann
Macklin Nguyen
Kort Reinecke
Katherine Root
Sterling Thomason
Tracy-Ying Zhang

Honors Excellence in Teaching Award

Presented to the most outstanding Honors instructor of the 2004-2005 academic year, on the basis of student nominations and selection by the Honors Student Advisory Panel.

Mary Pat Wenderoth