2011 Honors Award Recipients

President's Medals

Awarded to students with the highest scholastic standing in their class.
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Jennifer Kang - Computer Science; International Studies (freshman medalist)
Grace Ingermanson - Computer Science; Mathematics (sophomore medalist)
Krysta Yousoufian - Computer Science (junior medalist)
Jacob Bobman - Math; Biochemistry (senior medalist)
Quyen Nguyen - Biochemistry (senior medalist)

Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Provides $20,000 grants to exceptional students with inspiring plans for foreign travel.

Charmila Ajmera - International Studies
Dean Chahim - Civil Engineering; Individualized Studies
Sol Rosenberg - American Ethnic Studies; Comparative History of Ideas
Mark Russeff - Economics
James Schreck - Drama
Marie Spiker - Medical Anthropology & Global Health; Individualized Studies
Nicolle Thompson - South Asian Languages; International Studies

Bordeaux Scholarship

Awarded to rising juniors on the basis of academic merit.

Rachel Stubbs - Biology

Campbell Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshmen who would be the first in their family to complete a 4-year degree

Anjelica Harlow

Clack Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding incoming freshman from/near Spokane County

Michael Leech

Dillman Scholarship

Awarded to rising and current seniors on the basis of academic merit.

Elizabeth Hasseler - History
Adrienne Rothschilds - Political Science; Bioengineering

Friedman-Hechter Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding students in College/Interdisciplinary Honors

Emily Noyd - Environmental Studies

Hennes Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding Interdisciplinary/College Honors student involved in the larger University community.

Ekaterina Nepomnyashchaya - Computer Science; Mathematics; Psychology

Honors Program Scholarship

Awarded to juniors and seniors on the basis of outstanding performance in the natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences.

Caitlin Donnelly - English

William Gerberding Scholarship

Awarded to students judged to have rendered exemplary service or brought special distinction to the Honors community.

Faustine Dufka - Medical Anthropology & Global Health

Jessica Wallach - Geography; Public Health

Greene Scholarship

Awarded to students based on academic merit.

Margaret Hellis - Comparative History of Ideas

Mary Gates Endowment Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshmen on the basis of academic merit.

Dashni Amin
Margaret Babayan
Juliana Borges
Pavel Ceban
Collin Gross
Caitlin Hess
Sonja Khan
Dangtian Liu
Michael Wiktorek
Jessie Zou

Mary Gates Achievement Scholarship

Awarded to rising sophomores on the basis of academic merit.

Ashwin Karnik - Medical Anthropology & Global Health; Biochemistry

Wang Endowment Scholarship

Awarded to students based on academic merit and deep cultural experiences with Asia.

Sherrie Hsu - Economics; International Studies
Kathryn Lundgren - Geography; Comparative Religion