University of Washington Honors Program


The application for freshman admission to Interdisciplinary Honors is integrated into your UW Undergraduate Application, but has a separate evaluation process and additional required materials. You must complete and submit all of the regular UW Admissions and all of the Honors application materials to be considered for Interdisciplinary Honors.

Before you apply to Honors, we recommend you:

We are offering four virtual Q&A sessions for prospective freshman hosted by our Honors Advisers and Honors Student leaders. RSVP is required to secure your spot and receive the Zoom link, Zoom links will automatically be sent to your email after you complete the registration. In order to make the most of our time together, we ask that you watch our informational video and review our FAQ prior to the Q&A session.

Autumn 2021 Q&A Sessions:

  • Monday, September 6th 5:00-6:00pm RSVP
  • Tuesday, October 12th 4:30-5:30 RSVP
  • Thursday, October 28th from 6:00pm-7:00pm RSVP
  • Monday, November 8th from 5:00-6:00pm RSVP


NOTE:  Due to our small staff size we are unable to offer individual admissions appointments for prospective freshman applicants. Please review the video, attend a Q&A, browse our website, and reach out to our Honors Student Leaders if you still have questions. Thank you for your understanding!

Application Information and Instructions

Important Dates

October 1 FAFSA/WASFA opens for 2021-22
November 15 UW Application due; an email will be sent to you from acknowledging your application
January 15  FAFSA/WASFA priority filing date
March 1-15 UW notification period
March 15-April 15 If you are admitted to UW: UW Honors notification period – all notifications made via email

If you are offered an Honors scholarship, an additional award notification will be included with your Honors admission notification email.

May 1 UW and Honors confirmation deadline
June 1-July 1 Final Honors waitlist notification period

Application Process

To access and submit the Honors application questions, you must:

  • Complete the Coalition Profile;
  • Add the University of Washington to your list of colleges/universities;
  • Complete the UW application through the Personal Statement and Short Response section;
  • After the UW essay prompts, click the “Yes” button next to the question labeled “Would you like to apply for admission to Interdisciplinary Honors?”

  • In the UW application, select “Yes” in response to the question “Would you like to apply for admission to Interdisciplinary Honors?” This will open the Honors section and allow you to respond to our essay prompts. If you no longer wish to apply to Honors at any point, you must un-select this button to proceed.
  • Complete and submit the UW and Honors sections of the Coalition application. You will receive separate confirmation emails from UW and the Honors Program after you submit your application.
  • Check your email. UW Honors uses the email address in your UW application as our primary method of contact, including our final decision letters and scholarship offers. If you set up an “” address, it will take priority. If you have not received any confirmation emails, please check your spam/trash folders first, then contact us at

Honors Essays

The cornerstone of the Honors application is the Honors Essay section. This section, separate from the UW Writing section, requires short essays specific to Interdisciplinary Honors. Your responses will be evaluated on content as well as form (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).

Your essays should be original, thoughtful, and concise. Do not copy previous essays from your UW application or materials found on the UW Honors Program web site. Draw on your best qualities as a writer and thinker; academic risk-taking is a core value of the Honors Program, so take some risks and be honest. Tell us who you are and how your story is unique. Work on the essays early, remembering that concise and eloquent writing is both difficult and powerful. Have someone proofread your writing but don’t let a proofreader erase your unique voice.

Essay Prompts for 2021-22

Respond to the essay prompts using no more than 300 words each.

  1. Please reflect and respond to the following question, and in doing so explain your interest in the UW Interdisciplinary Honors Program. What is interdisciplinary learning and why is it important to you?
  2. The Interdisciplinary Honors program pushes students to engage with their local, national, and global communities through a multidisciplinary lens. Consider a pressing societal concern that impacts and/or interests you. Please explain the issue, your relationship to it, and how you imagine engaging with or addressing this concern at UW?

Want more? Check out our Tips for Applying.

The Honors Holistic Review & Test Scores

The University of Washington’s Office of Admissions has moved to a test optional policy for Autumn 2021 and beyond. Accordingly, the University Honors Program admissions evaluators will not consider test scores, which have historically been a small factor in our evaluation process. The Honors Program holistic review focuses on many factors, including:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and interest in our specific interdisciplinary curriculum and values;
  • Demonstrated cultural awareness or unique perspectives or experiences;
  • Demonstrated academic preparation and strong performance in courses; and 
  • Demonstrated commitment to community engagement.

As always, to be considered for admission to the University Honors Program freshman applicants must first be admitted to the University of Washington. Please refer to the University of Washington’s Office of Admissions to further understand their review process.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do exercise creativity, and be yourself! This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to us. Let us see who you are and what makes you tick. Demonstrate what qualities you would contribute to the Interdisciplinary Honors Program.
  • Do remember your audience. The UW is a large and diverse public institution. The people evaluating your application may not have the same political, moral, or religious beliefs you do. Diverse viewpoints are desired in the academic world. Consider this as you frame your essay.
  • Do proofread! The UW uses a holistic application review process, as do we – your writing ability is no less important than your grades and scores.
  • Do not send SAT/ACT scores or payments/fees to Honors. Send them instead to UW Admissions.
  • Do not send transcripts to Honors unless specifically requested.
  • Do not send any supplemental materials (recommendations, news articles, resumes, digital media, etc.). These will be discarded upon receipt.

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