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In Honors since: 2023

Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About me: Hi! My name is Taylor Arredondo, and I am currently studying Political Science with minors in Human Rights and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. I am from Washington State and a big fan of hiking, outdoor adventures, reading, advocacy, thrifting, and finding fun stuff to do around Seattle and the Puget Sound! I would love to talk more about my experiences here at the UW, my classes and major, my experiences living in dorms, and my time in Seattle! I hope to answer any questions you might have!

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Social Media: Taylor_elise0.4


General area(s) of study: Social Sciences

Current or intended majors: Political Science

Current or intended minors: Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Human Rights

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: Political Science, Chicano Studies, Human Rights and Advocacy, Honors 230, Honors 232, Honors 394, HSTLAC

I would be willing to tutor other Honors students in following courses/subjects: Honors 230, Honors 232, Honors 394, Political Science

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Research: Disability Inclusivity Development Initiative

Clubs/RSOs: Jackson School Journal of International Studies

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