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What is the Honors Student Spotlight?

The Honors Student Spotlight is a public page that serves as a space to show off some of the wonderful students who make up our community as well as serving as a resource for prospective and current honors students.  Students featured current Interdisciplinary, Departmental, and College Honors students who have volunteered to share their experiences in Honors and at UW with prospective, incoming, and current Honors students. Some have participated as Honors Peer Educators, while others may have background in research or internship opportunities. All are excited and willing to share their experiences in Honors!

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If you are interested in helping prospective, incoming, and current Honors students as they navigate their college experience by being available to answer questions, you can indicate topics you’d be open to discussing. Common subjects include: choosing a major, minoring, double-majoring, suggestions for good classes, study abroad experiences, how to apply for scholarships/internships/jobs, etc. To be featured on this page, you must be willing to provide at least one form of contact (ie. email) for students to reach you.

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2.) Please first review this training guide for safety and best practices in answering student questions. (you must be logged into your UW email)

3.) Take and get a 100% training guide quiz. You can use notes, and take it as many times as necessary – we just want to ensure you read through the document (you must be logged into your UW email).

4.) If needed, request an advising appointment to talk through your responsibilities as a featured student and ask any questions that come up.

You can make edits and inactivate your profile at any time.

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