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In Honors since: 2022

Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Pronouns: He/Him

About me: I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I'm an Honors Peer Educator for Fall 2023. Outside of classes, I'm an Ellis Civic Fellow, a Resident Advisor in Hansee Hall, and one of the leads for the UW Formula Motorsports Club (we build EV racecars!) In my free time, I love doing all kinds of outdoor sports, from skiing to mountain biking, and capturing photos on my drone!

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General area(s) of study: Engineering

Current or intended majors: Mechanical Engineering

Current or intended minors: Leadership

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: Engineering courses, Gen-Ed math/science courses, Honors 391, Honors 100, Honors 345, CHEM 145

I would be willing to tutor other Honors students in following courses/subjects: CHEM 145, Math 12X Series, Writing Classes, CSE 121/122, PHYS 121

Housing Experience

  • Other Residence Halls/Other Student Housing


Volunteering/Service: Ellis Civic Fellowship, Mentor Ukraine

Leadership: Honors Peer Educator program, UW Formula Motorsports, Resident Advisor program

Clubs/RSOs: UW Formula Motorsports, UW Design Build Fly

Student Leadership Participation

Current Peer Educator: 2023