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In Honors since: 2023

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pronouns: she/her

About me: Hi! My name is Eden Bogale and I'm from Seattle, WA. I'm a student on the pre-PA track, intending to major in Public Health and minor in Data Science and Bioethics. I'm passionate about learning and discussing the different social issues within healthcare, it's why I'm choosing to study Public Health and also why I decided to join the Honors program! I've recently gotten into cooking, and I enjoy hanging out with friends, listening to music, watching TV shows, and reading! I also play on the Ultimate Frisbee team here at UW (Go Element!). Please feel free to reach out with any questions about Honors, the pre-health/pre-PA track, or anything else!

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Public Health

Current or intended minors: Data Science and Bioethics

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: Honors 220C: Science, Technology, and Inequality: A Critical Examination of Race and Gender, Honors 231B: Interrogating the Influence of \"Western Civilization\" On Care, Honors 397A: Prison Education and Freedom in WA State

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