Global Challenges 2023

photo of all "Ways of Knowing" speakers at the event
Polly Olsen, Katie Davis, Samantha-Lynn Martinez, Tony Lucero and Stephanie Smallwood enjoying the great vibes on Nov. 9, 2023

Presented by the UW Honors Program: “Ways of Knowing”

November 9, 2023: 6:00pm-8:00pm, HUB Lyceum, UW Seattle Campus

Thank you, to everyone who attended, for a great event full of thoughtful questions and interdisciplinary answers. A special thanks to our Honors 100 students, who inspired the topics for this event’s talk.

Different disciplines, cultures, and individuals have distinct approaches to gathering information, interpreting it, and forming beliefs. This begs the question: “How do we know things and where else should we be looking for answers?”

This event sought to answer that question and was led by dynamic speakers from a variety of backgrounds, considering questions cultivated by students in the University Honors Program. This year’s interdisciplinary topics ranged from the role of generative AI to the university’s place in Western Culture.

Did you miss the event? Click the link for our recording!

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Want to learn more about “Ways of Knowing”? Check out this article, written by a student who attended the event!

About our speakers:

A poster with all four of the speakers on it for the Global Challenges 2023 event.
Global Challenges 2023 Speakers

This year’s speakers came from diverse backgrounds and specializations and captivated the audience with their anecdotes, insights, and humor.

Polly Olsen is a Yakama tribal member, former executive director of the Association of American Indian Physicians and winner of the UW’s Distinguished Staff Award. Now director of DEI & Decolonization and tribal liaison at Burke Museum of Natural History, Olsen contributes multiple forms of wisdom and helps to bridge communities through educational opportunities, institutions and agencies.

Tony Lucero teaches Honors’ seminar “The Idea of the University – Ways of Learning, Exploring and Knowing.” Seated in the Comparative History of Ideas and Jackson School of International Studies, Dr. Lucero’s scholarship draws from many ways of knowing, with a focus on Indigenous politics, social movements, Latin American politics and borderlands.

Katie Davis brings perspectives from her K-12 teaching background into her research, curriculum and advocacy at the UW’s iSchool and College of Education. Davis investigates the impact of digital technologies on young people’s learning, development, and well-being, and co-designs positive technology experiences for youth and their families. Her work bridges the fields of human development, human-computer interaction, and the learning sciences.

This conversation was moderated by Samantha-Lynn Martinez, a junior biology major, artist, nature activist, and peer educator in Interdisciplinary Honors who brought passion and a student-oriented curiosity to our event. Check out her website to learn more about her full range of talents: