Honors cultural outings

October 22, 2018

Honors cultural outings

Friends of Honors sponsor student access to shows and events in Seattle (and sometimes in other cities) because there’s a lot more to life than even the amazing range of options you can find on UW’s largest campus. 

Students stand in a row paying close attention to the tour guide's description of contemporary art show.
Honors students with volunteer tour guide, Catherine, at the entrance to The Frye’s Group Therapy Exhibit

We kicked off our 2018 fall series of events and cultural outings with a trip to the “Group Therapy” exhibit at The Frye Museum in the First Hill neighborhood. The 40-minute jaunt by mass-transit was a small price to pay for our guided tour of the contemporary art show, featuring performances, installations, sculptural, multimedia, video, and 2-dimensional works that encourage play and question systems and ideas around “wellness” in our culture.

The show is relevant, timely, and welcoming to viewers from any walk of life. Regan, Naomi, Emmy, Mickee, Alondra and Shreya all said this was the first time they  had been to The Frye. But by the end of the tour, nobody believed it was going to be her last. First-year Emmy Judd elaborated: “I’m so glad I got to go on this tour! It brought up a lot of thoughts about the relationship between mental health and culture, politics, self-care, and introspection. I have never been on a museum tour where we as the audience get to interpret the art for ourselves before, and I found the experience SO much more meaningful that way! As a first-year, it was a great start to my honors experience.”

Our next two cultural outings will be on Nov. 1, to the Seattle Symphony, and Dec. 6, to see “In the Heights” at the Seattle Repertory Theater. On campus we’ll be hosting a large public conversation about human rights and smaller conversations led by alumni and educators on racial equity, entrepreneurship, post-baccelaureate research, and all kinds of fascinating topics. Stay tuned and stay connected with Honors.

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