Study abroad with Honors

November 6, 2018

Study abroad with Honors

UW Honors is excited to announce another engaging series of programs across different continents and areas of knowledge!

Japanese City Center

Our 2019 summer/early fall start offerings meet Honors experiential learning requirements while yielding 10-15 credits across arts, sciences and humanities in vibrant locations like the Netherlands, Japan, Costa Rica and Sweden. Shorter, 5-credit exploration seminars are also available in Rome and Peru.

Drawing together faculty and students from a wide range of departments (and across campuses), these unique programs are also designed to include non-Honors students who are excited to participate.* Invite your friends to consider joining you on an adventure!

Netherlands: Dutch Design Innovation: Questions of Equity, Access and Participation in Digital Civil Society (Summer 2019, A-Term)

Learn about design innovation in the cultural-heritage sector; examining how Dutch libraries, museums and other institutions are adapting to societal issues like homelessness. Exploring examples in Amsterdam and Delft, students will also develop critical perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing cultural-heritage institutions in the U.S.

Japan: Japanese National Identity at the Crossroads: Contested Borders, Shifting Politics (A-Term)

What factors contribute to a country’s national identity? Is it something that is self-constructed, or instead assigned by outside interpretations?  Explore these questions through visits to historical and cultural sites in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan, including a week-long excursion to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Miyajima. 

Costa Rica: Land Use Issues in Rainforest Conservation (B-Term)

Students will experience the rich natural regions of Costa Rica through excursions to reserves, national parks and research institutes, developing first-hand understanding of issues surrounding ecological research, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism development and conservation.

Sweden: Sweden as a Global Model on the Questions of Rights (B-Term)

This program examines the Sweden’s role as an international “norm entrepreneur” in prevalent issues such as LGBTQI rights and gender equality. Students will study how human rights concepts are developed and explored through aspects of Sweden’s arts & culture.

Rome: Staging the City: Performance, Power, and Identity from Empire to Mussolini (exploration seminar)

Combining tours of the city’s own treasury of art and architecture with readings about its past, we explore Rome as the center of power and culture across the ages.

Peru: From The Andes to The Amazon: Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainability in Peru (exploration seminar)

This immersive trip allows students to become intimately familiar with tropical ecosystems and the pressures facing them in southeastern Peru. 

Full Details/Info Sessions

Nervous about requirements, costs, or other possible barriers? Contact Julie Villegas: to find out if these programs are a great fit for you!

*If you’re a UW undergraduate in good standing, you don’t need to be enrolled in the Honors Program to be successful in our international studies. All of our programs are deliberately interdisciplinary, so students from every major on campus are welcome and can fulfill general education (and some major) requirements in good, diverse company.