Join us at the Honors Hearth!

March 13, 2019

Join us at the Honors Hearth!

Weds, April 17, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Maple Hall Great Room

1101 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA

Each year, two dynamic educator/activists from our community get together for a cozy chat at the Honors Hearth. You’re invited to get chummy at our next event with our new Honors Curriculum and Community Innovation Scholar, Velma Veloria and our Hanauer Professor, María Elena García (CHID; Anthropology).

This is premium bonding with awesome humans! Pose questions as you RSVP to guide the conversation and share personal stories with these fantastic people over tasty snacks.

This free event is co-hosted by the UW Honors Program and Honors LLC. All are welcome! Email with questions or accommodations requests.


Velma Veloria, 2019

Velma Veloria is our new Honors Community and Curriculum Innovation Scholar. As the first Asian-American woman to elected to the Washington State Legislature, Veloria has years of community activism experience and is working to combat human trafficking and to promote racial and gender equity both locally and abroad. You can read more about her lifelong commitment to human rights and plans for Honors here.

MaríaElena García

Dr. María Elena García is our current Honors Hanauer Professor, and an associate professor in the Comparative History of Ideas and the Jackson School of International Studies at UW. Her interests lie in anthropology, colonialism, and Indigenous studies. Here is an article (by Honors student Izaiha Linton) on how García entered her field of study, came to UW and discovered Honors.