Study Abroad 2020!!!

November 13, 2019

Study Abroad 2020!!!

World travel? YES!!! Say hello to our summer 2020 opportunities for international engagement.

We are excited to reveal upcoming opportunities to earn VLPA, W, and DIV credits and fulfill experiential learning requirements (with appropriate application, ask your adviser) across these unique programs. 

Many international studies details are now up to date on the Honors Program website, but please be patient as our partners across campus and at other institutions work to finalize a few details and build online applications.


Here’s a quick overview of study abroad opportunities that are great for all UW undergrads, especially those pursuing degree(s) with Honors. 

Art & culture abound during Summer A-term*

Netherlands: Dutch Designs — Innovation in Library, Museum, and Information Services in the Netherlands (Honors/iSchool)

How do libraries, museums, and information services engage with diverse populations in everyday operations and in attempts at innovative programs? Learn through site visits with professionals from Dutch academic, research, and cultural organizations, while exploring Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, and other points of interest in the Netherlands. Program page:

Sweden/Iceland: A literary lens into Nordic justice, identity and culture — from the Vikings through today (Honors/Scandanavian Studies)

Explore justice, gender and identity in Iceland and Sweden while learning a few basics of Nordic languages. Delve into the cultural history of Iceland through medieval saga literature, followed by a close look at contemporary Swedish culture and society through readings from crime fiction and popular Nordic Noir. Program page:

Italy: from Crisis to “Crisis”— Disaster, Migration, Politics and Art (Honors/Jackson School/Environmental Health) 

Explore how Italian society has experienced, constructed, and coped with crises both real and imagined from ancient times to the present. Drawing on history, political science, public health, security studies, economics, sociology, anthropology, literature, and art history, we’ll tackle the social challenges presented by two very different phenomena: natural disasters and migration. As you immerse yourself in the complexities of contemporary Italy this summer, you’ll live in the UW Rome Center and enjoy excursions to Pompeii, L’Aquila, and Sicily. Program page:

Peru: The Arts of Politics — Cultural Agency and Social Movements in Contemporary Peru (Honors/CHID/Latin American Studies/Jackson School)

What can art teach us about colonialism, political violence, and human rights? Art is a powerful way to understand the world and change it! We’ll examine the ways in which artists, activists, and the state have used culture as a terrain for political struggle and explore how art can provide tools for understanding the workings of colonialism, political violence, and community resilience in the cities of Lima and Ayacucho, Peru. Program page:

Go deep with environmentalists, doctors and indigenous leaders in Summer B-term*

Costa Rica: Land Use Issues in Rainforest Conservation (Honors/Biology)

For the famously-biodiverse lands of Costa Rica, policies of land conservation and sustainability are incredibly important. On this program, you’ll explore the rich natural regions of Costa Rica through excursions to reserves, national parks and research institutes. You’ll gain firsthand experience of issues surrounding ecological research, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism development and conservation while working with and learning from Costa Rican people. Program page:

Ecuador: Sumak Kawsay —Well-Being, Race and Gender in Ecuador (Honors/History/Gender Women & Sexuality Studies)

The historically rich city of Quito, is home to vibrant cultural scenes seeking to transform gender and LGBTQ equity within Ecuador’s “plurinational” state. Consider media & music’s relationship to indigenous social movements rooted in Sumak Kawsay, an Andean world view incorporated into Ecuador’s constitution. Participate in encuentros focused on ancestral and Afro-diasporic traditions, performing arts, and hip hop culture while giving back to our host culture through service learning and ancestral homestays. Program page:

Zimbabwe: Population Health in Action (Honors/Nursing/Global Health)

Learn how public health research is translated to evidence-based policies impacting population health through clinical care and community-based programs. Working within a public health research and implementation team (Zichire: Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention and Research Program), you’ll perform clinical and community outreach services at multiple field sites. Also: lectures, tours and visits by professors and Ministry of Health (MOH) policymakers. Program page:


*Applications for these and more UW-run study abroad programs open soon (and are due Jan 31). It’s never too early to start thinking about the places you’ll go!