Behold: UW Honors’ Class of 2020

June 17, 2020

Behold: UW Honors’ Class of 2020

We recognize the hard work and tremendous growth of UW’s newest Honors graduates, who have fulfilled their shared commitment to deep, broad learning and conscious global citizenship at the center of their undergraduate education, among other things!

Honors’ Graduation Ceremony

This year’s online graduation brought together more than 200 guests including graduates, friends and family. We celebrated and shared stories in the Zoom rooms and enjoyed heartfelt speeches by members of the class of 2020, including: Izaiha Ellis, Ariela Sanchez, Mitchell Estberg & Jaclyn Shallat, Olivia McGoldrick, and Sam Fredman.

You can see those speeches on our ceremony video, as well as recognition of Distinguished Honors Alumna Sue Sherbrooke by Honors Program Director Vicky Lawson, a message from Sue to the Class of 2020, and conferral of Interdisciplinary and College Honors by Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Vice Provost, Ed Taylor.

Graduate Profiles

Among the graduating Honors Huskies who’ve created profiles you will find a wide range of passions, values, backgrounds and plans for the future. Each graduate has pushed beyond the requirements of earning a degree in their major(s) and each path has been uniquely profound.

Learn more about their journeys and find contact info to stay in touch!

Click Here to check out Honors’ Class of 2020.