Joff Hanauer Honors Lecture Series

August 26, 2020

Joff Hanauer Honors Lecture Series

Approximately one Tuesday per month, 5-6:00 p.m., PST

FREE/Registration required for hosted Zoom-based lectures

Daniel Bessner, Associate Professor in UW’s Jackson School of International Studies and Joff Hanauer Honors Professor of Western Civilization (2020-2022) invites us to learn more about the history and interconnectedness of our politics and the experiences of people across the planet.

Join Dr. Bessner (and occasional guest speakers) for these free 1-hour talks via Zoom. This series is supported by a generous endowment to the College of Arts & Sciences, to advance understanding of and participation in civic life through the interdisciplinary lens of the University of Washington Honors community.

Jan 19, 2021 (5:30-7): Attack on the Capitol—What does this mean for democracy?

On the eve of Inauguration Day, join us for an online panel discussion with Jackson School and Political Science Department faculty on what the recent attacks on the U.S. Capitol and across the country in reaction to electoral vote certification may mean for democracy. Co-hosted by UW Honors and the Jackson School of International Studies. See full details here.

Feb 23, 2021: U.S. Foreign Policy and American Policing

Join a robust discussion about the profound linkages between American actions abroad (invasions, bombing, counterinsurgencies) and American domestic policing. 

March 23, 2021: Seattle/PNW History

Dr. Bessner will convene a group of local historians to give multiple five-minute presentations on the region, helping Seattleites (and “transplants”) get grounded in unexpected facts and stories about our culture.

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Concluded lectures:

Nov 24, 2020: America Voted. What Now?