Marium Raza, “pre-med humanist”

November 30, 2020

Marium Raza, “pre-med humanist”

Marium Raza on UW campus
Marium Raza is an Honors Hero.

Interdisciplinary Honors senior Marium Raza was featured in UW’s October issue of “Perspectives” Newsletter for her outstanding contributions to public health whilst studying at the University of Washington.

Marium recently attributed much of her success at UW to her participation in the Honors community, where she says she feels inspired and challenged by students and faculty from so many different backgrounds, and as the recipient of meaningful scholarship support.

“I don’t know if I would have found my interdisciplinary focus without Honors,” Marium explained. “And the Honors community is loaded with people who love learning for the sake of learning, who are determined to give back to their communities, and who aren’t just focused on their own material gain or how to earn the highest-paying degree.”

Marium is collaborating with several fellow Honors students this quarter on an op-ed for joint publication. They are following up on a recent Calderwood public writing seminar taught by Dr. Daniel Bessner. Bessner hand-picked Marium for the project and is enthusiastic about her future impact, explaining: “working with Marium has been one of the pleasures of being a professor at UW. I’ve known her for many years and she’s a very engaged and perspicacious student. I have no doubt she will continue to contribute to her community and to society well beyond graduation.”

Read the recent “Perspectives” article to find out why Marium started Elixir and how she hopes to continue fixing major issues in our healthcare systems from the inside.