Courtney Hooks on Unlearning Poverty

May 26, 2021

Courtney Hooks on Unlearning Poverty

Courtney Hooks on UW campus
(Photo of Courtney Hooks taken in 2021, adhering to public health standards.)

Junior Courtney Hooks signed up for Vicky Lawson’s Abolishing Poverty class to understand the reasons for housing instability. Based on her family’s experiences, she had a sense of the relationship between race, criminal justice and housing instability.

“This class definitely illuminated something my family and I knew existed, but couldn’t name. … By being able to name things that you know, but you can’t specify, you’re able to identify it as a problem, which is the first step of abolition.”

Read Courtney’s Story and learn more about the course, including why we should aim to abolish poverty in our region.