We HEART Honors Anniversary Ambassadors

March 24, 2022

We HEART Honors Anniversary Ambassadors

Special thanks to this team of Honors Huskies for helping us include lots of wonderful stories in our timeline and partnering on meaningful ways to celebrate throughout the year. Anniversary Ambassadors have anchored our Honors Huskies Timeline to touchpoints across all the decades and ways of participating in our community.

Here’s to you! And to the next sixty years. If you haven’t already done so, please Click Here to RSVP for our online anniversary celebration on March 30.

Honors Anniversary Ambassadors

Lynn Lindsay
John Matthews
Erin Kelly
Reem Sabha
Marcie Stone
Janelle White
Izaiha Ellis
Jim Claus
Stevan Harrell
Spencer L. James
Shawn Wong
Roman Camarda
Brook Kelly
Shantel Martinez
Laura Harrington
Rosemary Barker Aragon
Ian Bellows
Steve Sulzbacher, Ed.D.
Bobbe Bridge
Shannon Hong