UW’s Goldwater Scholars pursuing Honors

April 11, 2023

UW’s Goldwater Scholars pursuing Honors

The Honors Program congratulates all of UW’s five new Goldwater scholars. The most Goldwater Fellows selected from UW in the foundation’s history!

photo of UW Honors' Goldwater Scholars
Nuria Alina Chandra and Abigail Burtner: Honors Huskies named Goldwater Scholars

This year’s UW Goldwater Scholars are Abigail Burtner, Jan Buzek, Nuria Alina Chandra, Meg Takezawa and Peter Yu. Abigail and Nuria are both pursuing their degrees with College Honors, and we are so proud of them!

The Goldwater Foundation awards undergraduate scholarships to students who show exceptional academic promise pursuing research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.

UW’s five Goldwater scholars were selected from a pool of 5,000 students nominated by 427 institutions across the country.

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