Ad Hoc Adviser Overview

Ad Hoc Honors Credit

This page is for departmental/major advisers assisting Departmental Honors students undertaking ad hoc Honors projects for Departmental Honors. Departmental/major advisers will guide and approve ad hoc Honors projects for their departments/majors only; any ad hoc Honors work undertaken to satisfy the Interdisciplinary Honors Core requirements can only be approved by an Honors Program adviser.

Many Departmental Honors programs at the UW require that students pursuing Departmental Honors undertake ad hoc Honors projects in some of their courses within the major. Your department may be one of these; if you are unfamiliar with ad hoc Honors, please review the ad hoc Honors web site, in addition to this site. Please note that ad hoc Honors should not alter a student’s grade in a course; this additional work is recognized by the attachment of an Honors designation (an “H”) to the course on the transcript.

The Honors Program’s commitment to providing a diverse, flexible, and in depth education is not possible without your commitment to working with Honors students on these additional projects. We greatly appreciate your time and energy, and recognize the effort you will contribute to this project and to the student’s experience.

  • Assist the student in finding an appropriate course for ad hoc Honors
  • Help the student and instructor understand the goals and philosophy of the department/major’s Honors program and how ad hoc Honors contributes to those goals
  • Help the instructor and student brainstorm appropriate ad hoc project ideas
  • Submit an initial online approval that the ad hoc proposal meets the Departmental Honors program’s requirements by the quarterly deadline listed on the Honors Program website
  • Ensure a student’s DARS reflects completion of ad hoc coursework at the end of the quarter
  • Take the initiative on the overall project, including initial contact with the departmental/major adviser and instructor, generating project ideas, and communicating with the adviser and the instructor, especially regarding any changes or difficulties
  • Manage the application and approval process with the Honors Program
  • Complete the agreed-on project during the quarter in which the student is enrolled in the course
  • Respect the learning objectives and expectations of the course and the Honors Program
  • Follow up with the departmental/major adviser to ensure accurate allocation of ad hoc Honors credit at the end of the quarter

Coursework taken to complete Departmental Honors requirements may never overlap with a student’s Interdisciplinary Honors Core.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Honors Program if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you again for your commitment to student success!

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