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Honors Portfolio Overview

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Reflection is one of the core tenets of Interdisciplinary Honors. The Honors Portfolio is a web-based collection of artifacts and reflective annotations that documents and contextualizes your undergraduate experience, allowing you to share your UW Honors story with your peers, friends, family, mentors, employers, and graduate school admissions boards.

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You will be introduced to the portfolio in HONORS 100, which will give you an in-depth grounding in the portfolio process and help you create your own using any web-based software. Some popular platforms are UW Google Sites, WordPress, GitHub, Wix and Weebly. But if you have web development skills, feel free to start from scratch! Whatever platform you choose, your portfolio must be accessible to anyone with the link.


Artifacts are multimodal pieces of evidence that represent your learning inside and outside the classroom. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Art pieces
  • Audio files
  • Creative writing samples
  • Essays
  • Lab reports
  • Musical compositions
  • Photographs
  • Presentation slides
  • Research posters
  • Study guides
  • Videos


To complete an entry in your portfolio, include an annotation with your artifact. As you craft these written reflections, consider the following questions:

  • Why does this artifact matter to you and what does it represent about you at the moment?
  • How did you grow as a thinker and learner?
  • Is there a strategy or approach to learning that you could apply in other courses and/or disciplines?
  • What have you learned from the course that might be useful in your professional career?

Learning Statement

As you near graduation, you will enroll in HONORS 496, where you will polish and present your portfolio. You will also write a learning statement, which will tie up your entries and provide a broader reflection on your undergraduate experience. Depending on your intended audience, this may explain your future goals and relevant preparations for those experiences as well.


To ensure you are prepared for the reflection and group workshopping of your portfolio in HONORS 496, we set the following entrance requirements to enroll in the course:

  • Entries from classes in your major(s)
  • Entries from Honors classes
  • Entries from other classes (electives, minors, etc)
  • One Experiential Learning entry
  • Entries that address challenges, not just showcase successes
  • Entries that span your entire time in Honors and at the UW
  • Elicit common themes from your undergraduate experiences
  • Demonstrate thoughtful reflection alongside each artifact

Tips for success

Between HONORS 100 and HONORS 496, we will check in on your portfolio progress via an annual audit, but much of your participation in this process will be on your own time and schedule. To ensure consistent, thoughtful progression towards your finished product, we suggest the following tips:

Archive early, often and creatively

The more artifacts you save from your courses and experiences, the more fodder you will have for your final portfolio. Also, don’t be afraid to include examples of things that didn’t go as well but were important milestones because of that very fact. Just remember to share why those setbacks or challenges matter in your story.

Don’t procrastinate: annotate!

Your undergraduate years will go by very fast. Taking down some brief notes on the artifacts and experiences you archive while they’re happening will help make your reflections richer and more meaningful.

Personalize your page

Your portfolio is all about you and your UW journey so we encourage you to be creative and original with your space. Most platforms allow you to change themes and layouts and insert pictures, slideshows, videos and a lot more. Take advantage of that freedom and make your portfolio a true representation of yourself!


It may be helpful to see the design, organization, and styles of other portfolios as you develop your own. Check out the following examples from current and past Honors students!