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Edward (Ted) Mack (Asian Languages and Literature)

Mack, Edward (Ted) (Asian Languages and Literature)

Edward (Ted) Mack (Asian Languages and Literature)
Office: Gowen 248, Box 353521
Phone: 206-543-4356
Email: tmack@uw.edu
Website: http://faculty.washington.edu/tmack/wordpress/

My research interests: Modern Japanese-language prose; art and capitalism; the flow of literary works throughout the larger Japanese linguistic community; the function of power in the literary field; and theories of diaspora and heterogeneity, particularly as they challenge culturalist concepts of national identity.

My first book, Manufacturing Modern Japanese Literature: Publishing, Prizes, and the Ascription of Literary Value (Duke University Press, 2010), examines the relationship between the concept of a national literature and the publishing industry. It looks at the Great Kantō Earthquake of 1923, Kaizō-sha’s Gendai Nihon bungaku zenshū, the establishment of the Akutagawa Prize for literature, and contemporary debates about literary value.

My second book, Acquired Alterity: Migration, Identity, and Literary Nationalism (University of California Press, 2022) explores the literary activities of Japanese migrants to Brazil prior to the Second World War and complicates the received paradigm of national literatures. It is available in paperback and as a free PDF to download from the UC Press site.

In addition, I have been working on Asian American cultural history, with a focus on Japanese-language discourse and literary production. I edited the 28-volume Shiatoru-ban Nihongo tokuhon (reproduction of the textbook series produced in Seattle from 1920-38), and the 16-volume Kashū-ban Nihongo tokuhon (reproduction of the textbook series produced in California from 1924-39). Both were published by Bunsei Shoin (Tokyo), the first in 2012 and the second in 2014.

Instructor's Honors Course History

Course Title
HONORS 212 A Modern Japan Through Cinema 2023 2 15312 View »
HONORS 212 A Modern Japan Through Cinema 2022 2 15310 View »
HONORS 210 B Modern Japan Through Cinema 2017 4 16058 View »
HONORS 210 B Film and Modern Japan 2016 4 15836 View »
Honors 210 B Japanese-Language Literature in the Americas 2015 4 15546 View »
Honors 210 A Modern Japan through Cinema 2012 3 11630 View »
Honors 210 A Modern Japan Through its Cinema 2011 3 11557 View »
Honors 253 A Modern Japan through its Cinema 2010 2 13997 View »
H A&S 262 A Self and Other: Alterity and Japanese Literature, Film, Anime 2008 3 13704 View »



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