Honors field studies on our shorelines

April 24, 2018

Honors field studies on our shorelines

Honors Field studies courses are amazing chances to engage in real-world learning that’s based in our local or domestic environment. Check out this story about interdisciplinary, experiential course, Ecopoetics Along Shorelines, featured in the April 2018 edition of College of Arts & Sciences newsletter, Perspectives:

Offered this spring by SMEA, CHID, and the Honors Program, the course has attracted a diverse group of students, from freshmen to PhD students in fields ranging from creative writing to physics to environmental affairs.

“With this group, we have such a wide range of lenses through which we view nature,” says Kayla Carrington, a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Community, Environment & Planning (CEP), and Environmental Studies, Honors. “Some students are science and research focused, some see landscapes through the lens of indigenous history, while some contemplate psychology and philosophy. It really is illuminating to see how different minds perceive and articulate the environments around them. When we put these perspectives into conversation, we are challenged to broaden our own.”

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