Global Challenges 2021: Political engagements constructing our world

November 15, 2021

Global Challenges 2021: Political engagements constructing our world

At our 2021 Global Challenges event on Nov. 9, Seattle-based educator/activists from different backgrounds spoke about urgent challenges and ways to pursue effective action while continuing to learn, heal and grow.

Click HERE for more info about the event topic and its speakers. 

Watch it (again) online!

Click HERE to access the full video, audio transcript and chat thread from the event (expires 12/27/21).

The video is also available on UW Honors’ YouTube channel without transcript or chat thread attachments. See below.

Keep learning. 

Participate in related courses.

Honors courses include many options relating to Global Challenges and our curriculum changes each year. Below are just a few suggestions from Honors advisers.

Note: winter registration is underway, we are only listing courses with spots available as of 11/9/21:

  • HONORS 231 E: Leadership, Democracy, and a More Thoughtful Public (SLN 15486)
  • HONORS 231 A: Revealing the Unequal Burden of COVID-19: Structural Racism and the Social Determinants of Health (SLN 15482)

Spring courses (SLNS not yet available):

  • HONORS 232 A: Multi Sector Collaboration for Societal Change 
  • HONORS 232 D: Human Trafficking in an Era of Globalization: Forced Labor, Involuntary Servitude and Corporate & Civic Responsibility
  • HONORS 232 B: Improving Population Health through Social Entrepreneurship
  • HONORS 394 C: Community Inclusion and Equity in the Changing Public Realm

Any out-of-the classroom experience will help you to get grounded in your own approach to global challenges. Check into study abroad and service learning opportunities, and ask your adviser about other opportunities to learn and get involved, including ad-hoc or independent study on an issue you care about.

Follow up on suggestions from our speakers.


Buy Real Change from a vendor and/or follow their news online

A Pound of Flesh: Monetary Sanctions as a Punishment for the Poor, by Alexes Harris:

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded (edited by INCITE!):

Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the next):

Information about COINTEL:

Organizations, people and issues to follow

Speaker Ben Danielson:

Speaker Alexes Harris:

Speaker Dean Spade:

Event Moderator Christine Lew’a Crip Riot disability pride company: 

Citizen University:

Decriminalize Seattle 

UW professor Ileana Rodriguez-Silva:

UW professor Joy Williamson Lott:

Seattle Solidarity Budget