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Imagine Yourself in UW Honors!

Imagine Yourself in UW Honors!

Bryan Djunaedi with cake at the Honors Open House

New students and their families receive a warm welcome at our annual Open House – always with cake! (featured here: Bryan Djunedi ’15)

UW Honors students come from all walks of life but have one very important thing in common: a love of learning! Interdisciplinary Honors Students join the program as incoming freshman or through second year admissions and progress as a cohort through years of undergraduate study across multiple disciplines. Departmental Honors Students join the community when they commit to deeper research or more rigorous study within their chosen major(s).

The best way to learn what it is like to be a student here and Honors (other than to become one) is to talk to someone about it! Honors advisers, current students, and alumni of our Program are always excited to help prospective students.

Meanwhile, here is some information and a few resources to help you imagine yourself in UW Honors.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors are current students in the Honors Program that are happy to answer any questions you may have about what it is like to be a student in the UW Honors Program. You can search through our Peer Mentor profiles to find students that may have similar interests or expereinces to you.

Ask Current Honors Students Questions

Graduate Profiles

Another great way to learn about the student experience at UW Honors is to hear from our graduates. You can see hundreds of profiles from the past few years of students as they were preparing to graduate with Honors. Each profile explains how Honors contributed to their growth and contains advice for current students.

“Honors has been the most important part of my in-class experience. Through the Honors program, I participated in a meaningful Study Abroad program, completed a creative project that led me to redefine my passions completely, and discovered interests that led me to my current goals and aspirations.”

Rosalie Bigongiari (’16)

View Profiles of UW Honors Graduates

Living Spaces

After admission to the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, students are invited to consider taking up residents in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) on campus. Currently housed in Terry Hall, the Honors LLC is especially enriching for newer students eager to build friendships within their Honors cohort. In a recent survey, students who chose to reside in an Honors environment used words like “enriching”, “social”, “awesome”, and “transformative” to describe the experience. More than 80% of students attributed greater academic success and feeling connected to a group of peers to living in the Honors LLC.

Learn More About the Honors Living Learning Community

Honors LLC residents enjoyed pizza
Honors LLC residents enjoyed pizza with UW President Cauce and Honors Program Director Vicky Lawson at a private event in May of 2016.

Student-Led Organizations and Activities

Honors students participate in (and often lead) hundreds of organizations and activities across campus. This means there are plenty of ways to follow your interests to contribute towards events, experiences, and causes that matter to you! Below are just a few examples of Honors students making UW a friendly place for social activism, intellectual stimulation, exploration, and pure fun!

Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Education (HOPE) event
Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Education (HOPE) event

Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Education

Honors students who participated in a summer seminar with inmates at Monroe Prison Complex did not want to walk away from the difficult truths they learned in the course of their studies, so they founded an organization to take action and help repair the broken system they encountered. Years later, it continues to grow.

“Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Education (HOPE) is a UW student group devoted to promoting and increasing post-secondary prison education programs. Prison education has been shown to reduce recidivism rates and increase successful reintegration back into society after incarceration. We consider our activism to be a first step in reforming our country‚Äôs hyper-punitive criminal justice system into a more humane and rehabilitative model.”

May Lim (’16), former president of HOPE

HOPE is having an impact on the issue of prison education, hosting events like free screenings with speakers panels, interactive art shows of work made by incarcerated Washington citizens, and raising funds for college scholarships to help disrupt the cycle of incarceration without education. Last year, in addtion to producing several public events and collecting over 2,000 textbooks for prisoners, HOPE raised funds towards the following initiatives:

  • $840 for the Bridges to HOPE Scholarship (for university students who have been through the foster care system)
  • $800 establishing a new scholarship fund for prisoners taking correspondence courses
  • $1470 for University Beyond Bars (UBB) & Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS), two local organizations that provide college programs for the men and women in two local prisons

Student Reflections from the Course that Started HOPE

Find out what HOPE is up to by liking the page on Facebook and go to an event or send them a message to get involved!

Honorary Societies

Honorary Societies at the UW

(not affiliated with the Honors Program, though many of our students participate)

Speech and Debate Society at UW

SDSUW Homepage

(not affiliated with the Honors Program, though many of our students participate)