Six Decades of Honors Huskies Stories

April 5, 2022

Six Decades of Honors Huskies Stories

This year we are celebrating six full decades of intentional community building, innovative thinking and global citizenship. 

You can explore our 60th Anniversary website for information on the evolution of the Honors Program. The program has grown into an interdisciplinary hub of learning for a dynamic community of change-makers.

You’ll also find lots of friendly faces and wonderful memories on the Honors Huskies timeline

Nearly 100 Huskies from all decades celebrated together (online) at our Honors Past, Present, and Future event on March 30. Some of the highlights from breakout room conversation were…

  • Connecting and seeing smiling faces” – Shannon Sherman
  • “Meeting new members of the Honors community!” – Jon Herron
  • “Seeing familiar faces & feeling at home again” – Kiana Rahini
  • “One-on-one with Roger Soder” – Lori Schell
  • “Feeling the combined support and appreciation of alumni, children of alumni and parents of current Honors students” – Roman Camrda
  • “New podcast recommendation!” – Erin Kelly
  • “Generational agreement on love of history” – Bobbe Bridge

…and the list goes on!

What’s next?

In addition to the website and timeline, the Honors Community Ambassadors have been working on extending the physical Honors timeline. They are planning to unveil it at an Honors student reunion in Mary Gates 211 later this spring. 

Stay tuned for invitations to more celebrations and messages sharing some of the reflections gathered in our Honors Huskies Timeline!

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Honors Community Ambassadors hard at work planning the next addition of the physical timeline! The original timeline (seen on the left) was put up for the 50th anniversary.